Mike Rogers: U.S. Representative for Michigan's 8th
2002 -2008 Campaigns


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From 2002 -2008 this was the official campaign of the Republican politician, Mike Rogers. Rogers ultimately served from 2001 to 2015 as a U.S. Representative for Michigan's 8th congressional district.

Content is from the site's 2002-2008 archived pages .


Meet Mike

FBI Special Agent, U.S. Army officer, State Senator, Congressman, small business owner – Mike Rogers puts a lifetime of experience to work for the people of mid-Michigan every day.  A common sense leader, Mike and his four brothers grew up in Livingston County where his mom Joyce ran the local Chamber of Commerce and his dad John was a coach, teacher and school administrator.  Mike and his wife Diane live in Brighton with their children, Erin 12 and Jonathon 9.

Mike understands that the number one issue facing Michigan families is our economy

Building on his experience as floor leader in the Michigan Senate where he created a tax free college savings plan and enacted tough measured to protect children from internet predators, Mike hit the ground running when he was elected to the U.S. Congress in 2000.  In just three terms, he has risen quickly through the ranks and now serves as a Subcommittee Chairman on the Intelligence Committee, the Energy and Commerce Committee and as Deputy Whip.

Recognizing Mike’s unique experience on the ground in the military as a company commander and his crime fighting experience in the FBI, Mike has played a key role closely overseeing the War on Terrorism.  In this role, he has traveled to the Middle East more than a dozen times, to places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, meeting troops and intelligence officials  to support the troops and ensure victory.

To beef up homeland security, Mike has sponsored legislation to strengthen the FBI, protect our families from bioterrorism and shut the door to illegal immigration.  As a veteran, Mike was proud to stand up for soldiers who give their lives in the defense of freedom. With the President’s signature on Mike’s bill -- the Respect for America’s Fallen Heroes Act -- the families of those heroes will be able to lay their loved ones to rest without being harassed by protestors.

Mike understands that the number one issue facing Michigan families is our economy, the loss of manufacturing jobs and high energy prices, especially for gasoline.  That’s why Mike has a plan to protect and create manufacturing jobs by strengthening enforcement of trade agreements, curbing the theft of intellectual property and stopping the counterfeiting of American-made products.  He’s been a leader in the fight to expand domestic energy production, to invest in alternative fuels and to tap into homegrown sources of energy such as ethanol.  In fact, Mike has a plan to jump start the availability of ethanol at your local gas station.  Mike has taken on the tough issues of taxation, litigation and regulation to improve our economy

To Mike Rogers, being your Congressman is all about public service – making sure mid-Michigan families are represented by a go-to problem solver. 

Both Mike and his father are cancer survivors and that experience has inspired him to take the lead in making health care affordable and accessible to families.  He supported improvements to Medicare to provide prescription drugs for the seniors and reforms to Medicaid to give low income families control over their health care decisions with Health Savings Accounts.  Mike is also working to put new information technologies to work in the delivery of care, advances that will improve quality and save lives while also reducing costs. 

To Mike Rogers, being your Congressman is all about public service – making sure mid-Michigan families are represented by a go-to problem solver.  From ironing out Social Security problems and getting benefit checks to seniors in need or dealing with the Pentagon to get a WWII veteran the medals he earned, Mike and his staff have handled more than 5000 constituent cases since he took office.  He’s ready to continue to work for you as your Representative in Washington.



2008 Campaign


Congressman Mike Rogers: Making a Difference for Michigan

Serving the citizens of the 8th Congressional District is rewarding and challenging, no matter whether working to make a difference through assisting individuals with federal agencies and organizations, or finding  solutions for the problems and challenges facing our communities, state and nation in a changing world. 

worker.jpgNearly 15,000 hits on my website Jobs Page prove that jobs and the economy are a major concern in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District.  To help Michigan meet its economic challenges, I have focused a tremendous amount of time and effort on trade enforcement, development of a national energy policy, making health care affordable and accessible to all Americans, reducing our tax burden, and keeping our borders secure – all crucial to keeping Michigan workers and job providers competitive in a global marketplace. 

Crucial for Michigan’s economy is the work I’ve done to ensure that any changes in fuel economy standards are based on good science and not on arbitrary political numbers that damage the competitiveness of our autoworkers and the workers in related businesses.  

I have introduced legislation and supported measures introduced by others, that strengthen enforcement of trade agreements, including protecting American workers and manufacturers against intellectual property theft, stopping counterfeiting of US-made products and services, and demanding that trading partners support fair trade by ending currency manipulation.  

Also crucial for our future is the millions in research dollars I’ve been able to secure for development of agriculture, defense, and alternative energy resources at Michigan State University.  Alternative energy sources are another essential element in keeping America strong economically. That is why I have been so aggressive in working on a measure to help build the distribution infrastructure for E-85 ethanol fuel, one of several options for weaning our nation off its financially draining dependence on foreign oil. 

In addition to pursuing development and distribution of ethanol, I also support increasing our domestic supply of oil, beefing up our refinery capability, investing in hydrogen and fuel cell research and development, and encouraging tax credits for alternative fuel vehicles. 

Health care is an area where technology has driven change at a much faster pace than government has been able to respond. We changed that with the new Medicare prescription drug plan under which 38 million seniors are saving more than 50 percent on life-saving medications.  This year the 40-year-old Medicare program, designed on a 1960s model of health care delivery, received a much needed up-date with the beginning of a prescription drug program that “fits the bill” in a 21st Century health care delivery and wellness structure. 

As a member of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, I have been fully engaged in efforts to introduce market-driven improvements that would make health care more accessible and affordable for all Americans.  My legislation creating Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) in the Medicaid program for low-income families introduces consumerism into this growing health care assistance program and helps put low-income families in charge of their own health care decisions.  The measure was signed into law earlier this year as part of the Deficit Reduction Act, setting up a 10-state pilot program.  I also am working on a measure I recently introduced to make HSAs portable, so individuals can take their coverage from job to job. 

roundtable.jpgUpgrading Health Information Technology (HIT) is one way to reduce cost and significantly improve delivery of health care.  I have legislation that will help move this effort forward and possibly generate as much as $80 billion in savings while improving health care access immeasurably.  Another $50 billion could be saved annually in the House passed bill on medical liability reform.  

Another health care issue, chronic pain management, is an area where I have raised the issue and introduced legislation to improve education, access and research for the millions of Americans struggling with untreated or under-treated pain. Not only does chronic pain hurt the quality of life for the patient and his or her family, it also impacts patients and their families and their employers.  Some estimates put the loss in the U.S. economy in the billions of dollars due to untreated pain. 

Another measure I am working on will significantly stiffen the penalties for manufacturing or distributing counterfeit prescription drugs.  Currently the penalties for counterfeiting money are much higher than for counterfeiting drugs, which can have life or death consequences.  Someone who causes the death of another with a counterfeit medication should face the fullest penalty for the crime.  As the sophistication of worldwide criminal networks grows, protecting the integrity of our prescription medications is crucial.  

As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and chairman of the Intelligence Policy Subcommittee, I am fully engaged in America’s effort to win the War on Terrorism and our national effort to secure our borders and defend our democracy. 

On more than a dozen fact-finding and oversight trips to the Middle East, I’ve been fortunate to meet with our military men and women and their leaders, speak with citizens and leaders of the individual nations, and travel into some of the toughest neighborhoods with U.S. Special Forces and CIA officers.  Coupled with hundreds of classified briefings by the intelligence community, these trips have shown me the commitment and dedication of the men and women fighting this war and their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect America by taking the fight to the terrorists rather than let them bring the fight to us. 

In the War on Terrorism, America has faced tremendous challenges, including fighting al Qaida and radical Islamic terrorists around the world, confronting Saddam Hussein’s dangerous regime in Iraq, and preventing terrorist attacks here in the United States. Winning this global War on Terrorism means winning in Iraq.  Osama bin Laden has made statements acknowledging that the war is being fought in Iraq, and that if he loses in Iraq, he has lost the war. 

Four years ago, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya were harboring terrorists and advocating the downfall of democracy.  Today the governments of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are actively fighting terrorists and working toward their own democracies, while Libya has turned over its nuclear weapons program to the United States.  The American men and women fighting the War on Terrorism see the progress being made in Iraq, and they know that they are making a difference, they see it every day. 

On the homefront, I am a proponent of strengthening our border security by closing the gaps in our policies dealing with illegal immigration.   I also have introduced legislation to protect America against the impact of potential bioterrorism attacks and pandemic disease outbreaks. 

vets.jpgAs many folks know, it was my legislation, now law, that keeps protestors away from the national cemetery funerals of men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their nation. On Memorial Day, the President signed into law the Respect for America’s Fallen Heroes Act, making it possible for grieving families to mourn the loss and celebrate the life of a loved one without the disrespect or vile harassment of protestors. 

For the people of Michigan and the 8th District, I have been fighting for a law to give our state the power to decide whether millions of tons of Canadian trash ought to be dumped in our landfills every year, trucked across the border without inspection, and driven on our local roads at the expense of state taxpayers.  The bill is currently awaiting consideration on the House floor.  That battle continues and won’t end until the people of Michigan have a say in whether Canada can dump its trash inside our borders without our permission. 

Another on-going effort is aimed at ensuring adequate funding for the Great Lakes and protecting these crown jewels of Michigan and neighboring states against water diversion, invasive species, and other misuse. 

One of the most important things a Congressional office can do is help people who have problems or concerns with federal agencies, such as the Veterans Administration, Social Security, Immigration, IRS, or others.  In the past five and half years, the 8th Congressional District office has interceded on behalf of and resolved well over 5,000 constituent cases in a variety of areas.  I also have responded to more than 360,000 emails, phone calls, letters, and visits from 8th District constituents. 

Each year my office reviews and recommends candidates for appointment to the military academies, nearly a 1,000 constituents are given tours of the U.S. Capitol each year, and numerous other services are provided to assist citizens with a variety of needs.  I and my staff are involved in Capital Area Youth Alliance, Youth Development Corp., Arts Council of Greater Lansing, Cristo Rey Community Center, Sparrow Health System Home Care Board, Impression Five Museum, Michigan Children's Trust Fund Auction Committee, Operation Backpack, U.S. Citizenship Swearing-in ceremonies, Congressional Merit Awards, LCC Foundation Lip Sync fundraiser, Livingston Economic Club, Rotary Clubs and Rotary Lip Sync Fundraiser for Senior Citizens, Charitable Federal Campaign, Capitol Area Migrant Council, St. Vincent Catholic Charities Arty Pizza Party committee, Ele's Place Community Outreach Committee, Hispanic Heritage Month Committee, several area chambers of commerce. 

My mom and dad taught me that public service is an honorable way to give back to the community and the people of your community, state and nation.  In the U.S. Army, as an FBI agent, as a state legislator, and now as a Congressman, I continue to learn that my parents are, as always, very wise.  Nothing is more satisfying than being able to make a difference in the lives of the people you serve as a public servant. I look forward to continuing that service.  



2006 Campaign


Michigan's 8th congressional district was not a national headline making congressional race during the 2006 mid-term elections, but it was still tightly contested by opposition. Incumbent Mike J. Rogers (R) faced competition from a member of the Republican party during the primary election and then stiff competition from the challenger Jim Marinkowski (D) in the general election. The 2006 race for Michigan's 8th district was notable because the two main candidates, Mike Rogers and Jim Marcinkowski, were both former employees of prominent government agencies; Rogers a former FBI agent and Marcinkowski a former CIA agent.

Results: Rogers beat Marcinkowski 55% to 43%


2006 Election Cycle

  • Michigan Chamber of Commerce
  • Michigan Farm Bureau
  • Michigan State Medical Society/MDPAC
  • Michigan Right to Life
  • National Rifle Association
  • Michigan Association of Police Organizations
  • Police Officers Association of Michigan
  • Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America – Michigan
  • Shooters’ Alliance for Firearm Rights SAFR
  • Detroit Regional Chamber PAC
  • Michigan Restaurant Association
  • Michigan Agri-Business Association
  • NFIB SAFE Trust
  • Humane Society of the United States



Raised in Livingston County, Mike Rogers currently resides in Brighton with his wife Diane and two children: Erin (8) and Jonathan (5).

Mike obtained a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Adrian College. While at Adrian College, he also attended the University of Michigan as a member of the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).

After graduating Adrian College and the University of Michigan, Mike entered the U.S. Army as a Second Lieutenant, ultimately serving as a Company Commander in a rapid deployment unit.

Following his service in the U.S. Army, Mike pursued a career as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. After finishing at the top of his class from the FBI Academy, he was assigned to the FBI field division in Chicago where he distinguished himself in the Bureau's public corruption and organized crime units. In addition to his public service experience, Mike has a strong business background. He is a co-founder of E.B.I. Builders, Inc., a family-owned business in Brighton.

In November of 1994 and 1998, Mike was elected to the Michigan State Senate. In 1999 Mike was unanimously elected the Majority Floor Leader. He earned this reputation as a leader through his work on education and Internet crime prevention. He authored legislation creating Michigan's highly successful college and vocational training tax-free savings plan, led efforts to protect children from criminals while surfing the Internet, passed a measure to increase penalties for using the Internet to commit crimes related to stalking, gambling or bombing, and championed telecommunications consumer protection laws. He also spearheaded efforts to put Michigan's Veteran's Trust Fund in a "lockbox" to guarantee its availability to meet veteran's needs.

In the 2000 election cycle Mike Rogers was elected by the narrowest margin of any Congressional race in the country. Once in Congress, Mike was appointed to serve on two influential committees: Financial Services and Transportation. Also, His Michigan legislative record has created new opportunities not usually open to a freshman member of Congress. His appointments to the deputy whip team and the Majority Leader's leadership council have given Mike Rogers the opportunity to have an active role in the United States Government.

Mike is also a member of the Howell, Brighton, Lansing, Owosso and St. Johns Chambers of Commerce, the Society of Former Special Agents for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and an honorary member of the Brighton Rotary Club.

Congressman Rogers is active in diverse community groups throughout the district, including Ele's Place, the Walk for Warmth, the American Heart Association, Women's Resource Center, March of Dimes Walk America and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Mike is also a former member of the Cleary College Board of Trustees.


Dear Friends,

It is an honor to serve as your voice in the House of Representatives.  With your support,  I would be even more honored to continue my work in Congress into a fifth term.  There is plenty of hard work yet to be done in Washington and I am ready for the challenge.  The time has never been more urgent to eliminate our dependance on foreign oil, reduce gas prices, and create new jobs.

These are only some of the things which I plan to continue fighting for as your Congressman.  First however, I will need your vote in November!  With your support, together, we can continue to tackle the tough issues that matter most in our community, especially moving forward with my plan to declare our independence from foreign oil on July 4, 2015.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mike Rogers






Mike understands that Michigan’s economy is struggling and he is fighting to protect jobs we already have and to create new, good-paying jobs.  As a former small business owner, he knows that Michigan workers can outwork and outhustle the competition when the playing field is level.   That’s why he’s leading the fight to crack down on unfair Chinese trade practices and protect American jobs.

Mike’s jobs plan also includes tax relief, regulatory reform, pension protection and a curb on frivolous, junk lawsuits.

Energy Prices


The high cost of energy is forcing many Michigan families and businesses to cut back.  That’s why Mike believes it’s time to fight back by promoting the production of ethanol and other alternative fuels that reduce our dependence on expensive foreign oil.  In addition to co-authoring an energy bill that will increase American supplies and create jobs, he created the “Kickstart” plan to boost the availability of ethanol at local, independent gas stations.



Mike is working hard to reduce the burden of health care costs on seniors, families and small businesses.  He believes that empowering people to make their own health care choices is the key to reaching the goal of quality, affordable, accessible care.  This commitment is reflected in his vote to provide prescription drug coverage for one million Michigan seniors and his leadership in efforts to provide more families and businesses access to Health Savings Accounts.

National Security


As a former Army officer and FBI special agent, Mike brings a unique perspective and unmatched experience to the Congress.  That’s why he won a spot on the Intelligence Committee, why Congressional leaders turned to Mike for his expertise in responding to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and why the Speaker of the House has sent him to the Middle East more than a dozen times.   To protect our borders, Mike cosponsored legislation to double the number of patrol agents and slam the door to terrorists and other illegals trying to enter our country.  Amnesty is not an option.


2002 Campaign

Instrumental in bringing the new GM plant to Lansing

Brought home nearly $15.6 billion for Michigan's Transportation priorities

Successfully advocated for over $1.1 million that will support important programs and projects throughout the 8th District. The following is a list of some of the programs that specifically benefited:
* Ele's Place in Lansing
* Restoration of the Holly Train Depot
* Restoration of the Howell Opera House
* Livingston Technical Academy
* Ingham County Intermediate School District
* Lansing's Potter Park Zoo

First term Congressional Legislation:

Pushing for more Education Spending - Congressman Rogers Supported H.R. 1, which increased K-12 program funding by $6.6 billion. This will be money directed toward economically disadvantaged children so that their schools will now be able to hire more teachers, place a stronger focus on reading initiatives and increase funding for quality programs.

Continuing his work with Education Savings Accounts - Congressman Rogers was an integral part in putting together a plan for federal tax breaks on savings accounts for higher education, such as college costs or career training after high school. "From his first day in Congress, Mike Rogers has made it known that providing a benefit to families who save for college is his top priority" said Bill Thomas R-CA, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

Protecting Social Security - Introduced H.R. 373, The Social Security Lockbox Act, which would guarantee Social Security funds cannot be taken away or borrowed for other government spending.

His first piece of Legislation - As a freshman, Congressman Rogers was able to pass his own legislation, H.R. 1408, through the House of Representatives. This bill allows the Financial Services Industry to share information regarding "bad actor" or scam artists that move from industry to industry. He intends to help put a stop for Financial Fraud with this legislation.

Fighting Terrorism - Due to Congressman Rogers FBI experience Attorney General Ashcroft urged him to lead the charge on the PATRIOT Act. This legislation gave leadership the tools needed to modernize governmental tactics for fighting terrorism.

Leadership Roles - Named Deputy whip by Congressman Tom Delay within the first month in office.

Mike has earned the endorsement of the following groups:

2002 Election Cycle

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Michigan Credit Union League

Michigan Doctors PAC

Michigan Farm Bureau

Police Officers Association of Michigan

Right to Life of Michigan

Small Business Association of Michigan

United States Chamber of Commerce

2000 Election Cycle

Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan
Black America's Political Action Committee
Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce
Business and Industry PAC
Detroit Fire Fighters Association - Local 344 PAC
Fraternal Order of Police
Howell Area Chamber of Commerce
Livingston County Sheriff Don Homan
Michigan Association of Home Builders
Michigan Association of Realtors
Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
Michigan Farm Bureau
Michigan Restaurant Association
National Association of Home Builders
National Federation of Independent Business
Right to Life of Michigan
Safari Club International
Small Business Association of Michigan
United States Chamber of Commerce
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) PAC

U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Spirit of Enterprise Award
Former Member of the Cleary College Board of Trustees
Michigan Association of Home Builders' Legislative Award
Michigan Jaycees' Outstanding Young Michiganders for 1996
Michigan Manufacturers' Rookie of the Year 1996
Michigan Milk Haulers' Legislator of the Year
Michigan Restaurant Association's Legislator of the Year
National Federation of Independent Business' Guardian of Small Business Award
Police Officers Association of Michigan Legislator of the Year




Congressman Rogers to appear on "Nightline" with Ted Koppel
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A night of inspirational music to benefit Collin
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Rogers introduces legislation to help FBI
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Let's not accept Canada's garbage
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Brighton Schools get a Presidential Thank You
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American Dream Downpayment Fund
Habitat for Humanity, 5/6/2002

Bill could help families purchase homes
State News , 4/22/2002

Rogers to spearhead housing program
Livingston Daily Press and Argus , 4/17/2002

Rogers shares tales of Afghanistan
State News , 3/26/2002

Rogers receives Teamster support
State News , 3/19/2002

Union endorses Rogers
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus , 3/17/2002

Teamsters Plan to Endorse Miller, Rogers
Roll Call, 3/14/2002

Trip to Kabul leaves a 'permanent mark'
The Oakland Press, 3/13/2002

Rogers winning clash for cash
Detroit News, 3/11/2002

Rogers stays in touch with district
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Rogers says U.S. must stay in Afghanistan
Detroit News, 3/7/2002

Back from Afghanistan
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Rogers off to Afghanistan
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, 3/1/2002

Rogers sponsors Enron bill in House
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, 2/14/2002

Democrats await court ruling on redistricting challenge
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, 1/18/2002

Rogers in line for whip position
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, 1/8/2002

Ele's Place gets $400,000 for building
Lansing State Journal, 12/20/2001

SN should have endorsed Rogers
State News, 10/31/2001

U.S. attorney general points to Rogers' FBI background for help with legislation
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, 10/3/2001

Rogers should use influence, Middle East experience to push White House into process
State News, 8/30/2001

Vice President Dick Cheney's visit helps raise over $300,000 for Roger's re-election effort
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, 6/19/2001

Vice president to visit county in June
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, 5/18/2001

Rogers opens local office, plans more
State News, 2/27/2001

Rogers adjusts to neighborhood
State News, 1/30/2001

Rogers takes office surrounded by family, friends
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, 1/4/2001

State Senator becoming U.S. congressman today
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, 1/3/2001

Byrum-Rogers recount set to begin Monday
State News, 12/1/2000

Rogers wins in final moments of race.
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, 1/8/




Click on the picture below to download a map of the Congressional District (in Adobe Acrobat format). 


Clinton County

Ingham County

Livingston County

Oakland County (part)
Addison township
Brandon township
Groveland township
Holly township
Independence township
Orion township (part)

That portion of the township which lies north of a line beginning at the southern township limits of Orion and the GTW Railroad, north along the GTW Railroad to W. Clarkston Rd., east on W. Clarkston Rd. to Pinetree St., north on Pinetree St. to W. Pinetree St., east on W. Pintree St. to Island Ct., north on Island Ct.to the west shore of Lake Orion, east on the west shore of Lake Orion to the village limits of Lake Orion, south on the village limits of Lake Orion to Bellevue, south on Bellevue to Heights Rd., east on Heights Rd. to Sherry Dr., south on Sherry Dr. to Summit, east on Summit to Alan Dr., south on Alan Dr. to Buckhorn St., east on Buckhorn St. to Harry Paul Dr., north on Harry Paul Dr. to Summit, east on Summit to Rochester, south on Rochester to Buckhorn St., west on Buckhorn St. to Harry Paul Dr., south on Harry Paul Dr. to New York, east on New York to Buckhorn Dr., south on Buckhorn Dr. to W. Clarkston Rd., east on W. Clarkston Rd. to E. Clarkston Rd., east on E. Clarkston Rd. to Kern Rd., north on Kern Rd. to E. Clarkston Rd., east on E. Clarkston Rd. to the township limits of Orion.
Oxford township
Rose township
Springfield township
Village of Clarkston City

Shiawassee County (part)
Antrim township
Bennington township
Burns township
Durand city
Laingsburg city
Perry city
Perry township
Sciota township
Shiawassee township
Vernon township (part)

That portion of the township which lies south of a line beginning at the western township limits of Vernon and I-69, north on I-69 to Durand Rd., south on Durand Rd. to the city limits of Durand, east and south along the city limits to Wickshire Ln., north on Wickshire Ln. to Monroe Rd., east on Monroe Rd. to New Lothrup Rd., south on New Lothrup Rd. to GTW Railroad, east on GTW Railroad to Fuller Drain, south on Fuller Drain to Newburg Rd., west on Newburg Rd. to New Lothrup Rd., south on New Lothrup Rd. to Conrail Railroad, south on Conrail Railroad to Pittsburg Rd., east on Pittsburg Rd. to S. Byron Rd., south on S. Byron Rd. to Prior Rd., east on Prior Rd. to Sickles drain, north on Sickles drain to Conrail Railroad, south on Conrail Railroad to S. Sheridan Ave. (township limits of Vernon).
Woodhull township